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Do you have moments of complete exhaustion?
Do you have ‘I Refuse’ days?

I am having one today.

I really don’t know why, but all I want to do today is, NOTHING.

No, I will not pick up that toy for you.
No, I don’t want to pretend that the toy basket has such amazing things in there.
No, I don’t want to open my mouth to sing that nursery rhyme.
In fact, I don’t want to open my mouth at all today.
No, I don’t want to follow you wherever you go.
No, I don’t want to listen to that ABCD song again, and again.
No, I don’t want to be at your beck and call today.
N-O, no!

Yes, I will let you splash water all over the bathroom today.
No, I will not wipe it dry.

Yes, I will let you pull all kinds of things out of cupboard.
No, I will not put them back in.

Yes, I will give you flour to play with.
No, I will not say a word when you decide to sit on the couch and empty your bottle of water in the flour.

N-O, I won’t!

Yes, I will give you my phone to swipe non-stop.
No, I won’t care if your fingers are coated with jam.

Yes, I will let you have my new polka dotted scarf.
No, I won’t care if you turn it into a rag and wipe the floor clean.

Yes, I will let you run around the house, naked, all day.
No, I will not run after you.

Yes, today you can scream on top of your voice all day long.
No, I will not open my mouth to ask you to keep it low.

N-O, no!

Do you ever feel like that?


An apple will always remain an apple, says who? On yowoto.

First appeared – http://www.yowoto.com/posts/looking-at-the-world-from-my-daughters-pov


What if, you woke up one morning and discovered that whatever you have been taught for the past thirty years was a big illusion?

My father taught me, a couch is something you sit on.
Little I is teaching me that a couch is actually a big, blank canvas that can be smothered with mashed fruit or sometimes with a generous helping of coco butter.

My mother taught me, kitchen utensils are things you use, to cook or store your food in.
Little I is teaching me that they are actually funky head gears.

My teacher taught me, shoes are what you wear on your feet.
Little I, is teaching me that they are actually boats, for her toys that are not allowed in the bath tub.

My sisters taught me that I can keep books in empty cardboard boxes.
Little I is teaching me that I can actually sit inside one of them and turn it into my garden chair.

My friends taught me that an astringent is used to clean my face.
Little I once showed me how to clean the floor with it.

My father taught me, a mobile phone is something that helps me make calls.
Little I gave a totally different meaning to its existence; it’s actually a teether.

It’s so wonderful to watch how things are getting a whole new meaning, a whole life in this little person’s world.

It’s amazing, how children can make the same, old, boring things look so exciting.

How things could actually redeem themselves, if given a chance.

They always remind us that sometimes, all you need, is a fresh perspective to look at things around us.

Isn’t it beautiful to look at this world, all over again, with a fresh pair of sparkling eyes?