The Moon Lovers


There are two people in my home 

who are crazy about the moon, 

they talk to him, they sing to him

and they’re going to write him long letters, pretty soon.

They sit by the little square window 

to catch a glimpse of him 

and when he shows up 

they have long conversations until the lights go dim.

Is it a bowl filled with pristine white curd?

Is it a big white balloon floating in the sky?

They ask each other,

and when it hides behind the clouds, they wonder if he’s feeling shy.

“Can we come visit you?”

“Will you come play with me in my room?”

“What would you like for dinner?”

Oh tell us, Mr. Moon.

His sight makes them happy 

I see their eyes light up with joy,

it seems like he takes away all their sorrows 

and they forget the knotted strings and the broken toys.

There are two people in my home

who are crazy about the moon,

one is three years old 

and the other, is turning sixty-seven soon.


The Adventures Of The Tiny White Party Shoes. A True Story.

 There was once a little i who loved her tiny white party shoes more than anything in this world. 

Even though they were called party shoes, they got to go wherever she wanted to take them. 

The day they arrived home they were made to sit comfortably in her stroller. 

Then, they went for a stroll to the riverside to see the boats and the geese. Oh what a sight. The tiny white party shoes in the stroller with a little bottle of water by their side, in case they felt thirsty, you know.

Soon, it was slide time at the park where little i gave them strict instructions, “hold on tight, okay?” And off they went sliding here, there and everywhere.

The tiny white party shoes were also spotted on her podgy hands doing a little dance step and grooving to her tunes. 

Then, one day little i finally decided to wear the tiny white party shoes in her tiny feet. 

Whenever she wore them, which was almost all day long, they gave her a bounce in her step. And when she walked down the road she made sure she always did a pirouette.

“Those party shoes need a break”, her mother said. “Maybe wear the orange ones today?”, she suggested.

But the tiny white party shoes were never left alone. 

Little i took them for a swim to the beach one day.  And the next day to the bathroom, you know, just for company. 

“She only wears those tiny white party shoes wherever she goes!”, complained her mother to Granny on the phone one day.

Granny laughed out loud. “You did the same thing!”, she complained. “You would make your tiny white party shoes sleep next to you in your bed, every single night”, she said.

Little i’s mother couldn’t stop laughing until her jaws ached. 

And soon, the tiny white party shoes found a new spot; on the bed, right in between Mumma and little i’s head.