Feisty Females and a Father

She is three

Going on thirteen 

I am thirty-six

Staying on thirty-six 

We are forever feisty, forever fiery

And papa H, 

well, he’s lately playing the referee. 



The Day We Did Nothing

The day we did nothing 

the couch became our spaceship

and with bits of paper in our pockets

we launched a dozen rockets.

The day we did nothing 

scarfs turned into capes

and then we rescued toys 

of different sizes and shapes. 

The day we did nothing

we took the train to nowhere 

and got off at a station 

just ’cause it had a bakery right there! 

The day we did nothing 

she painted every doll’s toe nails

then the monkey got grumpy

so I gave him a bright orange on his tail.

The day we did nothing 

we swam in our beds 

no pool, no pond, no lake

we crossed an entire ocean with a duvet over our heads.

The day we did nothing

we discovered a little library on a tree

‘take a book, leave a book’, it said

and our faces lit up with impish glee. 

The day we did nothing

we made up silly words 

Bleee bloop blappp blaaaage

and even before we had realised ‘silly’ became a new language. 

When we don’t know what to do

we start by doing nothing

then all the little things around us

magically turn into an awesome something.

And that’s why,

the best days are the days 

when we did absolutely nothing.