Lie down

Lie down on the pokey grass

Lie down on the ground 

Put your head on my lap 

And stop it from spinning around 

Lie down next to me

Lie down on the sparkling white sheet

Come running into my arms

Be careful! Don’t hit that little head on my teeth

Lie down and tell me about your day

Lie down and let’s just giggle 

I want to hear your hearty laugh really loud

Through those thousands of tiny tickles

Lie down to stare up at the bright blue sky

Lie down to spot turtles in the clouds

But let’s not stop at just turtles

Let’s spot dancing lizards and laugh out loud

Lie down and let’s hum a song 

Lie down even if we don’t know the words 

Let’s put our feet up against the wall

And just forget about the world


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